Welcome to the web page of the FLLAC Educational Collaborative. FLLAC serves ten school districts in north central Massachusetts by providing high quality, cost effective educationally related programs and services. We provide educational programs to a wide range of students with special education needs. FLLAC also provides a variety of supports and services designed to enable our member districts and surrounding communities to better serve all students.

This site will provide you with descriptions and contact information for our programs and services. In addition we have included information on the history and structure of FLLAC. We have also added a list of helpful links to agencies and resources we have found useful.

I invite you to explore our many programs and services described on the web site. I think you’ll discover that FLLAC is one of the most flexible, efficient, responsive and helpful educational organizations in central MA and one that I hope you will want to become a part of.

Richard W. Murphy, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Our Mission

The FLLAC Collaborative provides quality, cost effective services to meet current and evolving needs of our member school districts.